Cordell Wolking projects:


"Extreme drought and wildfires in the West"


This year I made a few film scouting trips to places in the West that have been impacted by wildfire and drought. The first of which was the Moose Fire by Salmon Idaho which burned ten's of thousands of acres.

This fire was determined to be caused by an unattended campsite fire pit. As it turns out 85% of all wildfires are started by humans. In this film project, I'd like to explore how to better inform the public on the causes and prevention of human caused wildfires.

The access road to where the fire started.

Rafters dealing with an almost inhospitable environment.

Downed trees smoldering in the Salmon River.



The next location I scouted was Lake Mead, Nevada. Due to the decades long mega-drought, Lake Mead has dropped 170' since 2000. Along with Lake Powell up river, it is approaching the "Dead Pool" Level, which would mean the lake would no longer be able to product electricity or provide water to millions of people who rely on it. This may happen as soon as 2025.

What I'd like to explore in this film are the possibilities of avoiding a "Dead Pool". Additionally, the consequences if it happens.

The Hoover Dam. You can see the high water level 170' up.

The graveyard of sunken boats, now above the water line.

An abandoned water pumping station, no longer able to reach the lake.

A popular canyon where the lake once extended a couple miles beyond the current level.

The "Narrows" and a good reference to the once high level mark.


If you would like more information about this project or to support it, please use the contact page on this website.

Thank you.